Adhere to Vulpix’s Journey Throughout Hokkaido on 15 Pokémon Manhole Covers


uploaded on 2019-12-0218: 45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge.

Earlier this year Iwate presented a series of Rock- or Ground-type Pokémon manhole covers across the prefecture. Currently, Japan’s a lot of northern prefecture is complying with in Iwate footsteps as well as adding 15 manhole covers to cities in Hokkaido.

Iwate’s manhole covers supplied followers different Pokémon to choose however Hokkaido is offering a different method by taking visitors on a journey along with its tourism assistance Pokémon Alolan Vulpix (Rokon). Each cover layout is among a kind as well as reveals Vulpix (in Alolan and also original kind) engaging with various Pokémon Unlike various other prefectures, Hokkaido’s manhole covers are spread out better ranges and also tourists will certainly need to travel further if they wish to see them all. Each manhole will certainly likewise organize a PokéStop for Pokémon GO players.

The places are detailed in English on the official Pokémon manhole cover web site

  • Vulpix as well as Alolan Ninetails near Teshio Elementary and Middle School Schools in Teshio.
  • Alolan Vulpix as well as Piplup near Pipi Coffee Shop Pippu Station in Pippu.

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