April 1st Piada Made in Abyss vai become anime of verdade


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No day April 1 desse ano to personnel of Made in Abyss decidiu fazer uma brincadeira com os fãs do mangá saying that or film, scheduled to premiere agora em janeiro, would be replaced by a slice of life focado na personagem Maruruk.

As much as I denied ideia logo design depois, it seems that I am really trying two part of the study plans, which is now exhausting or official site of Made in Void informou that A brincadeira will become genuine.

Or anime will chama Maruruk no Nichijou ( Maruruk Everyday ), and will count to or all with 4 episodes pods focused not day by day da Maruruk, which will be exhibited before the main film as um bônus for burning cinemas.

Or first episodium will be released no day 17 by janeiro, and will also count as an original sound trilha composed by Niu Naomi.

Capa do albúm com as trilhas sonor.

Fonte: ANN



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