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ClariS é um duo of singers that comeraram sua carreira posting cover videos not Nico Nico. Initially, they were condemned as Alice Clara, but with the departure of Alice da dupla, and at the entrance of Karen no place, or I just ended up moving for or condemning leafs.

Or first big event gives dupla foi to the opening of Oreimo, followed by the opening of Madoka Magica and muitos outros trabalhos, including Eromanga-sensei, and the Madoka spin-off that should be released in January of next year. .


OR YouTube channel No tem muitas musicas, então, unhappily, tem que pesquisar cabello nome e go find outras, if you wanted to see more of the work of dubla.


Marcelo Almeida

Fascinated nessa coisa peculiarly condemned as Japanese culture, or that as a result I ended up being able to raise a vice in escrever. I love anime, mangas and ler / jogar quase tudo.

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