Blade of the Immortal Episode 8


“Act 8– Mugai-ryu” is, as the title recommends, an episode all regarding getting the 2 heroes of Blade of the Immortal closer to the self-described “gang” that is out to ruin the Itto-Ryu, a goal which consists of taking out Kagehisa. A couple a lot more Mugai-ryu participants are presented to help out in the hunt for the enigmatic swordsman, the focus remains directly on Manji, Rin, Shira, and Hyakurin.

Though the added layer of objectives offers “Mugai-Ryu” a refreshing feeling contrasted to its precursors, I don’t intend to oversell the focus on method as well as techniques– for every one of the focus on Rin as well as Manji partnering with Shira and Hyakurin, the goal basically comes down to the team learning about Kagehisa’s plan, and then taking watch at various places along the checkpoint to await a lady that resembles Kagehisa. Rin, being the only one who has actually ever seen the man face to face, sees a woman carrying a bundle formed like Kagehisa’s trademark tool, so she as well as Shira take search while Hyakurin and Eye-Patch Guy are sidetracked by a decoy, and also Manji gets averted by another (he remained in the bathroom,

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