Boku no Hero Academic Community: Heroes Rising and outros 5 films serão lançados no Brasil in 2020


During a Comic Con Experience 2019 , to Sato Firm informou that it will be responsible for distribution of 6 New films not country. Details on how to distribute, will be shown movie theaters, television or streaming service, ainda não foram disclosed, but you can confer os nomes abaixo:

My Hero Academic Community: Heroes: Rising : Or second film based on Boku no Hero Academia, tells an original story involving some of the class 1A, where they are forced to face novo vilão conhecido con Nine. Or film will be releasing us Japanese films no day 20 by Dezembro.

Lupine III: The First Human Being: Last film released from France of one of the most popular bricks. A work foi all produced in CG, and foi lançada day 6 dezembro lá no Japão.

Human Lost: Dazai Osamu's light-acclaimed non-acclaimed base, Ningen Shikkaku, a history according to a society where human beings do not have a health problem, not entail, muitos segredos exist after more innovative technology. Or film foi lançado no dia 22 of outubro.

Eureka 7 Hi-Evolution: Or film a part of a trilogy that tells new stories about or universe of Eureka 7. First part foi lançada em setembro de 2017, in the second place in November.

Love Live! Sunshine !! The School Idol Flick: Over the Rainbow: A story of the film and a continuous continuity will take place two events from the first seasons of the anime, shown to the idol group as Aqours. Or film estreou em janeiro.

Akira: A classic Japanese culture, or an initial film not published in Brazil, but it will be at 4K, which should be released at some time in the year. I don't see Japão.

Fonte: Crunchyroll


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