BOKUBEN’s Mafuyu, Patlabor’s Captain Goto Inspire Automobile Sunlight Shades


uploaded on 2019-12-0113: 00 EST by Kim Morrissy.

We Never Learn: BOKUBEN‘s Mafuyu is a negligent driver, however if you want to leave your car to her, then you’re currently efficient in doing so. AnotherAngle is generating an unique vehicle windscreen sunlight shade revealing Mafuyu at the wheel of the car.

The illustration is drawn by collection chief animation director Masakatsu Sasaki, that additionally monitored the production of the item. The item can be ordered from online seller DMM com up until December 8, as well as shipments will commence in mid-December.

Captain Goto from the Patlabor series is also inspiring a sunlight color. Personality developer Akemi Takada managed the photo.

Both sun shades will certainly cost 2,750 yen (US$25) each.

Sources: Otaku U.S.A.(Matt Schley), Comic Natalie, AnotherAngle

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