Comic Market 97 Sets New Document with 750,000 Attendees Throughout All 4 Days


Event attracted 190,000 attendees on 4th day on Tuesday

The Comic Market ( Comiket) 97 event in Tokyo drew about 190,000 individuals on its fourth day on Tuesday, December 31, bringing the overall to 750,000 across all four days. As only the 2nd time in its history that it ran for 4 days, the occasion damaged its winter and all-time presence records.

Comiket95, the winter season event in 2018, held the occasion’s previous winter months document with 570,000 participants over 3 days. Comiket96, the summertime event this year, held the event’s previous all-time record with 730,000 attendees over four days.

Comiket97’s very first day saw concerning190,000 participants on Saturday, the second day saw about180,000 attendees on Sunday, as well as the third day drew about 190,000 participants on Monday, December30 Comiket does not have one-of-a-kind passes for site visitors, so an individual who attends all four days would be counted 4 times.

The Comiket94 event (held throughout only 3 days) brought in about 530,000 guests in August 2018, as well as Comiket93 (also held across three days) drew in concerning 550,000 guests in December2017 The third-day of Comiket94 brought in 210,000 attendees,

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