Cutie Honey Phase Play Reveals Visuals, More Cast


posted on 2019-12-1602: 02 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda.

Kei Jōnishi star in February phase play

The main website for the Cutie Honey Emotional stage play in Go Nagai‘s Cutie Honey franchise business exposed new visuals as well as cast participants for the stage play recently. As formerly announced, previous NMB48 member Kei Jōnishi (seen listed below) will certainly star in the play as Cutie Honey.

The various other actors participants include:.

Mizuki Saiba as Sweets Honey

Hina Hiratsuka as Lovely Honey

Yū Kikkawa as Black Honey

Fūko Yagura as Ash Honey (Eins)

Sakura Ayaki as Ash Honey (Zwei)

Teru Ikuta as Aoi Hayami

  • Hinata Satō as Jumper Honey.
  • Rin Kaname as Cyber Honey.
  • Ayumi Taniguchi as Candy Claw.

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