Dragon Quest V Novelist Sues Dragon Quest Your Story Movie’s Production


Dragon Pursuit V novel writer Saori Kumi filed criminal issues with the Tokyo Area Public Prosecutor’s Workplace and Tokyo Metropolitan Authorities Division versus the manufacturing committee of Dragon Quest Your Tale, the Dragon Mission video game franchise’s initial 3D CG anime film, on December 5. Kumi released a statement about the problems on Friday.

Kumi had actually filed a civil claim with the Saku branch of the Nagano District Court on August 2, the day the movie opened up in Japan. The December 5 declaring consisted of criminal issues against the film’s production board, along with relevant firms and individuals.

Especially, Kumi specified that the movie’s manufacturers used her unique personalities Ryuka, the lead character, and Ryukeirom el kel Granvania (name romanization not verified) without her authorization. In the movie, the lead character’s name is Ryuka, which is likewise the name Kumi utilized in her novel.

Because the film has yet to deliver on house video, Kumi made use of the novelization of the film to count the appearances of her personalities. Kumi claimed that there were 487 uses of the personality name “Ryuka,” and amongst those there were 53 circumstances where it was “extremely most likely”

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