Fate/Grand Order Outright Demonic Front: Babylonia Episode 10


With the at the same time eruptive and silent personality sendoff from 2 weeks ago still sticking around strongly in my memory, it’s easy to forget that Babylonia can also be extremely silly. I do not say that in a slandering manner, and in truth, a big part of what drew me to FGO in the first location was its propensity to embrace the core silliness of its franchise‘s facility.

Making efficient comedy is a whole various other matter, and a failed effort can be worse than not trying at all. The good news is, this week’s episode ends up being Babylonia’s funniest yet, as well as I have to give the lion’s share of the credit scores to director/storyboarder Toshimasa Ishii I recognize him mostly from his job on episodes of GOTTEN RID OF and The Promised Neverland, but he has a strong feeling of structure and a panache for scene shifts that both bring this episode to life.

The animators themselves also are entitled to a lot of credit rating, of course. This episode does not have the amazing action-packed phenomenon of a few of Babylonia’s various other access,

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