KonoSuba film ganha information and details of blu-ray (ou seja, when we can see)


Or official website of KonoSuba liberou or tão awaited on the day that blu-rays do novo filme will go to sell la no Japão. A foresee that you will not be able to buy discs no day 25 by março de 2020, counting with a collector version as well

A limited edition of two blu-rays virão with some interesting bonuses for you, such as um pacote digital com or personality layout two personagens do filme, além de três novas historical stories unpublished written hair author of the book (2 of the foram distributed movie theaters, e 1 will be exclusive of blu-ray).

Além disso, a edição specific terá CD with comments by two dubladores, and the trailers and traders released for the film, half count, of course, in a particular layer unraveled hair illustrator da novel (imagem abaixo).

For quem tiver a chance to go to certain specific places not Japão, ainda receberão um custom mousepad, also unhappy illustrator hair story.

Lastly, I was also informed that either anime fechou sua exibições nos cinemas japonas com um total of 730 milhões of Ienes (approximately 30 milhões de reais) arrecado, or that is an impressive value in view that or film teve barely 100 rooms all over Japan or (1/4 of the country's total halls) , e quase 1/3 gives maioria two anime films like Destiny, SAO, One Item, and so on

Fonte: Crunchyroll


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