Live-Action Wasteful Days of High School Lady Series Casts Momoko Fukuchi as Yamai


posted on 2019-12-1701: 02 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda.

Fukuchi plays chūnibyō girl Minami “Yamai” Yamamoto

TELEVISION Asahi revealed on Tuesday that Momoko Fukuchi will certainly star in the live-action series of Bino‘s Inefficient Days of Secondary School Lady( Joshi Kōsei no Mudazukai) manga as the character Minami “Yamai” Yamamoto. “Yamai” is a lady with a bad case of chūnibyō(adolescent delusions), as well as who constantly acts to have a wound on her cheek, or puts plasters on her right arm.

The series will certainly premiere in January, and also will certainly air on Fridays at 11: 15 p.m.

Yui Okada(second from left in image above) will certainly play lead character and issue child Nozumu “Bonehead” Tanaka. Yuri Tsunematsu(3rd from left) will certainly play anime and manga otaku Akane “Ota” Kikuchi. Yurika Nakamura (leftmost) will play the smart yet emotionless Shiori “Robo” Saginomiya. Keita Machida(rightmost) plays class teacher Masataka “Waseda” Sawatari. Ayaka Imoto (seen below) will certainly also star as Hisui “Witch”

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