Media Company IID Acquires Animedia, Sister Magazines


posted on 2019-12-19 03: 16 EST by Rafael Antonio Pineda

IID, the media company that runs the Anime! Anime! and Anime! Anime! Biz news websites, announced on Thursday that it has acquired the monthly anime magazine Animedia, the monthly voice acting-focused sister magazine Seiyū Animedia, and the monthly male-targeted anime magazine Megami Magazine from the Gakken Plus publisher. IID also acquired the other irregularly published “mooks” (magazine books) and the Chō! Animedia website from Gakken Plus.

With the acquisition, IID noted that it will “take its service to the anime industry to the next level, and will continue to be driven by media-focused business.” The move is part of IID’s “360-degree media expansion,” with the company aiming to expand to fields such as event management, show production, streaming, voice acting, virtual YouTubers, and overseas markets. The combined web assets of the company after the acquisition will have over two million monthly visitors and over 20 million page views.

Animedia launched in 1981, and provides news and information on the anime industry, including cast and staff listings, broadcast schedules, and exclusive features and interviews.

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