Merman in my Bathtub Manga’s 8th Quantity Listed as Last Quantity


posted on 2019-12-2807: 15 EST by Crystalyn Hodgkins.

4-panel manga inspired anime shorts in 2014 Japan is listing that the eighth volume of Itokichi‘s Merman in My Bathtub( Orenchi no Furo Jijō) manga will certainly be the final quantity. The volume is slated to ship in Japan on February27

The manga influenced a 13- episode series of anime shorts that premiered in October2014 Crunchyroll streamed the anime adjustment as it aired as well as explains the tale:.

Get ready for a heartfelt funny concerning a teenage kid named Tatsumi that is regularly housing some unusual guests; consisting of Wakasa, an excellent looking mermaid who has actually taken control of his bath tub! This adorable but self-centered freeloader is an excellent suit for the cool but tender and also caring Tatsumi. Let’s see exactly how they get by together!

Itokichi launched the four-panel manga in Media Manufacturing Facility‘s Comic Gene magazine in2011 Kadokawa published the seventh compiled quantity in August2017 7 Seas Amusement is publishing the manga in English,

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