New My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Movie Trailer Introduces The Villainous Nine


A new trailer for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising has been released. Though most of the trailer reuses scenes from MHA: Season 3, there are some new clips. The trailer can be watched in the tweet embedded below.

The trailer begins with our first look at Nine, the villain of the movie. We know almost nothing about Nine–even his abilities are still unknown–but he seems to be connected to All for One, one of the biggest bads in MHA, as he dresses just like All Might’s archenemy, even adopting similar headgear. The end of the trailer sees a badly injured Midoriya and Bakugo once again temporarily putting aside their differences and teaming-up, presumably to take on Nine.

Heroes Rising is the second MHA movie, following Two Heroes, and is being advertised as the final chapter of the superhero story, as it incorporates elements from how MHA’s creator originally wanted the manga to end. Whether Heroes Rising remains MHA’s finale remains to be seen, though. The movie will be released in Japan on December 20 with an international release presumably scheduled for 2020.

In My Hero Academia, Midoriya is one of the few powerless humans born in a world where superpowers are the norm. Wanting to be a hero, despite his lack of superpowers, Midoriya strives to get into the high school where All Might, his idol and the number one hero in the world, attended. After being impressed by Midoriya’s heroic potential, All Might lets the young boy in on a secret: his super strength and speed actually come from a power that can be passed from one person to the next. Midoriya is chosen as All Might’s successor, but his sudden strength irks Bakugo–a boy born with the ability to sweat and detonate nitroglycerin in his palms–who’s always strived to be the world’s next number one hero and now, for the first time, must acknowledge that the peer he’s been bullying for years might actually be stronger than him.

Two Heroes acts as a bridge between Season 2 and Season 3 of the MHA anime series. The movie sees All Might taking Midoriya to the US to see an old friend of his, David Shield, who’s an inventor that created All Might’s original hero suits. While visiting, Midoriya befriends David’s daughter, Melissa, who’s also exceptionally intelligent and seeks to help others by building support devices for heroes. Midoriya’s vacation is cut short, however, when a metal-controlling villain attacks and captures All Might, forcing the young aspiring hero to work together with Melissa and other members of his high school class in order to save the day. Though originally a one-off character, Melissa reunites with Midoriya in My Hero Academia: Team Up Mission, a brand-new manga that acts as a bridge between Seasons 3 and 4 of the anime.

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