No Weapons Life Episode 9


No Guns Life takes us inside the hallowed halls of the Berühren corporate headquarters today, as well as it’s a little strange, to put points gently. I’m a large follower of the interior design, where a narrow as well as unbelievably high corridor opens to an even more giant cylindrical area housing a Final-Fantasy-boss-looking device signifying (and also possibly housing) the company’s board of directors. A set of thin and twinned assistants showing off purposely merciless robot heads address the COO with an air of reverence, and also undoubtedly the entire ambience really feels really religious and cathedral-like. It’s the rational endpoint of unconfined commercialism. Riches has been merged with God’s elegance for centuries if not millennia. The cult of interruption reveres abundant tech CEOs as geniuses unbeholden to the guideline of law, as well as we have actually ultimately all been propelled into an endure brand-new world of their very own making (albeit, significantly, not of their own layout). Jack Dorsey, as an example, stubbornly rejects to come to grips with the awful power of Twitter, while he rather looks for to remove his heart and soul with harsh diet regimens as well as appropriated necromancy.

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