Novo Haikyu trailer !! Gintama e mais! | Summary of JUMP Festa (1st day)


Some advertisements like the second season of World Trigger , anime of Kemono Jihen and a preview of the second season of Yakusoku no Neverland , rolou some others in JUMP Festa desse ano, then we are going to quickly summarize what happened on the first day.

Haikyu recebeu um novo trailer, which was not different from the last one launched at a time ago, but also some new dinners. Or anime also recebeu um novo visual. A preview of Estre é for or day 10 by janeiro do next year.

Visual released along with the trailer.

Outra great work that has some additional information, foi or film of Gintama . A nova adaptação em anime deve chegar em 2021, and together with disclosure It provides a public release for a visual release for or filming.

A staff of Boruto also informed that the work will go into a new arc, releasing a visual novo. Or new arch will be called “Bandits Mujina”, and must be released in janeiro.

By fim, you give last announcements of anime that or event has foram for Yu gi oh! and Dragon Quest .

Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens will be or next anime from France that, as or as a costume, will restart a series with a new group of people and letters. A preview of Estia and for the season of April of which year

Visual released next to the ad.

Dragon Quest: Dai no Daibouken receberá, não só um anime, as also a jogo (ainda sem muitas informações). O mangá já foi finished at um bom tempo com 37 volumes, and I will receive a new version of anime, scheduled to go out of the year that we see

By fim, um ad não tão bom assim, foi or adiamento do filme de Ryouma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis . Or anime was scheduled to take place in the spring of 2020, more foi added for 2021. The film will also be all feito em CG, and will tell an original story, as the events going on between or end of The Prince of Tennis and the beginning of The New Prince of Tennis .

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