SAO Alicization S2 # 05 to # 08– Gado de Primeira


Sirlene – Depois of walking by longínquas terras, we return to mama uma impressão “SAOzonal” and sincerely … Alice is rouba os hacks do Kirito, uma boa friend of fato, copy attached to apelação do protagonista masculino. Or what achou da devação caused by ela, Breno?

Breno – Worthy of a main character, with certainty. Or special power of the teve um sound effect bem legal and uma trilha Ótima for or moment too.

Sirlene – From fato, to the unchained ability of my interest, I thought it would be only a blast soon, but really really devastating, “eating” everyone did not walk , besides thermos, the bonuses of Alice Targaryen and her dragons are putting fire in you, but it is also a pity that we are in excess of pyrotechnics, and as I claimed in other testimonials, I sincerely wanted to see Alice's fencing, and you ?

This is where you learn how to use a friend to use hack

Breno – Also, more than that or power of the não demands physical counting, we go dizer assim.

Sirlene – Ento, I think that she had magical abilities and that she posed to attack for a long time, but she wanted to see the duel-duel, or Reki tinha to know Dosar Isso, appealing for magic at all or instant ends up generating muito mornos confrontations, semi nothing shocking or empolgante.

Nas poucas lutas that we have, no ocorreu intense physical count, all foram adversaries quickly completed cavaleiros hairs of integrity.

It was bem that the ainda are not facing the chefs more forts of the other side, but I really wanted to see a war, not just the soldiers fighting, but the commanders of it too.

Hair less we have mais da Alice Targaryen XD

Breno – Of fato, non-real war made sense of palavra sve teve among the minions (the ugly figurines to buy troops).

I did not eat Luta dinners, and at times I am able to make money, I understand why it is on the side of Kawahara.

Of any form, or Renly, hein?

Sirlene – Sincerely?

Além disse, em uma real war, or movement of the land of a feito um estrangement bem maior ao Bercoulli and prejudiced the flanks of the most significant way, sincerely, the redeemed, more realistically, eleven die to be found , it would be executed and with a motive.

Breno – In case of absence, do not skimp that or such should be commanding certainly foi fatal. I agree on a story, a redenção foi ok also, more afresh é aquilo, why or Renly não foi mentioned já na primeira parte? I could have less hair appeared in cameo, sei la, and it is easier to sympathize with personagem.

For the most interesting story, to play isso na tela do nada (já com drama even) does not convince a large part of pessoas, type, no conhece or face, what are you going to link?

Throwing out this point of lack of introduction, although it was agreed upon a “war” from time to time, in the miniature concept and potential personagem.

E isto that is summarized all the confronta até então … ¬ ¬

Sirlene– Really, or what else is weighing a second part in the absence of prior development, or personagem criaria um maior link as or spectator is aposentado e trabalhado from or first arch.

We find in all subsequent episodes or mesmo problem daquele casal do território morto pelo Gabriel: Morte não tão leve, plus sem impact algum.

Sem unwrapped or history progressively, or impact that all the moments of time are diminished.

Turning to the consequence of abandonment of Renly de sua posição, or flank dizimado dele deveria would prejudice the other flanks, understand? Você contours isto moving x troops that are behind or on your side to suppress the unimportant ones of the dizimated pelotão.

Breno – I understand or your ponto, even though the Estejam troops do not have the same place, they seem to be all individually, being fato that “shit” do Renly should see how strategic everything is.

I wonder or what or big Bercoulli thought when it was time (it was known, of course), já não ha cavaleiros, and does it appear to me that I was mean? Haha. More empim, past waters, I hope I use Renly agora.

On the meninas, Fizel e Linel, eu achei that you iam something, but only wanted to help, gostei (I hope you are fiquem bem xD).

Sirlene – I do not expect that as a person, I am not afraid of a war, my dear friend, but I am more aggressor in the military than I am interested in, demonstrates That you really look for a reconhecimento, but later I will try to help you.

But what do you think is brilliant idea of ​​placing a cadeirante together with the fileiras of the ex-army to the end of deixing the non-encampment as a novel?

Breno – É or Kirito né?

Mas é né, (in) conveniência de roteiro xD

Sirlene – Eu chamo of “fanboysism” acute mesmo, because here I don't feel good nenhum já that eleo no ajudou em anything and as meninas come back. Ele for or encampment.

Did you really want to push Alice to suggest that I see something not in the field or would I agree? Eu chamo isto de plane to kill pessoa that you vow to protect.

A big letter from Alice: A amoeba !!!!

Breno – Meaning? Já deixei to procure haha, more than in the direction I want to reinforce the moments Alice x Kirito, fora isso, really not quite meaningful.

Sirlene – Isto já would be naturally strengthened by the moments of self-questioning, only if it was necessary to modify the need. In this aspect, Kawahara is more sensible, I do not fear how you would expect miracles in a battlefield – no matter what the possibility may happen.

Novel, Alice deixa ele non-encampment, longe da linha from the front I tied up why I could not fazer anything by protecting and sincerely you credit that those who learn how to protect some coisa?

Breno – Unfortunately, what does Ronie e Tieze know about ultra-powerful future? More difficult and difficult. Foi um acréscimo desnecessário, more e aí? Something else to synthesize from 3 episodes?

Sirlene – Só gostaria de pontuar that war is here what it could be, although there are many parts that are very “shocking” for me to happen afresh with Fanatio . In the face of some disciples of the foi bem feita and really brutal, as it should be to death in war, more novably in the absence of development in the face that it could be great to be quite morno.

Morte mais legal até agora, more roughly sem impact

Breno – Foi really morno moment. No one else ever mentioned menina, type, não tinha uma historia com a Fanátio (told to us). Aí do nada começa aquela trilha triste de Aincrad pro ficar excited, more …

Concordo nesse ponto, lacking war nessa war. In spite of what or what you see, I dislike myself muito, but I don't want to be late.

Sirlene – Really, are we going to denounce the resounding for or at which time they should be invoked, or that achou daquele fatality flag no Eldrie?

Breno – Caraaaa! Aquilo foi assim, muito Rapid eye movement declaring for or Subaru xD. But I don't mind Rem period or Eldrie and Subaru Alice. Or does Kirito já know what I know? haha só faltou um eu amo or Kirito ali pra complete, but falaring sério agora, ele è age um personagem with great potential.

Lição do Eldrie: Seja gado, but seja aggressive sorrindo pra morte !!!!

Sirlene – Sim, I declare that for your mother I was very pretty and she was very much in the face that she would die at some point in time, and hair seen would not be too much or jovem foi fazer companhia para o Eugeo no eitavo episódio.

More hair less elected by primeira, um gado mitante, um gado male, showed or learner potential, different from Eugeo mega walking sword, let's say that Eldrie is a disciple who followed Alice and also proudly XD

Breno – Sim, it was foolish that I felt most here, Sei Lá, or Eldrie deserved more, still, is not diminished or sacrificed that foi basic for that or ex-army fosse barrage, isso, of course, além do espaço that deu pra Alice mitar complete putassa, or which achou?

Sirlene – Olha, eu gostei, different from the killing of Kirito, Alice understands that you are unimportant to be fought, not just demônios e possuem soul equal to two ” humans “, but he is not nà © n, não fica no lenga de não kill, the complete putassa demonstrates that a personagem is able to discern certa do errado e não places or excellent of the accord that should be feito. E você?

Eu gosto desses gentis e delicate moments dela !!!!

Breno – Achei bem interesting also, agiu bem, não ficou de mimimi, as você mesmo disse, Alice é uma deusa. xD

Sirlene – And nem tem how ficar de mimi because he is a war, she knows very well, that no matter how much she wishes to prune to life of any kind, that There are pessoas to protect e fret as leader of guilda de feiticeiros, ou seja, I want ou não você vai ter to throw somebody's life to save other lives.

In this case, the life of the family of pessoas is not império human, not fear how to jump in a war, you need to kill, you fear to kill. More specifically, two moments of empathy of the comm or inimigo, both as a leader and two ogres, as well as by the orcs to liberate or feitiço than matou or Eldrie. Ela is not just fucking Eldrie hair, she is a whore with everything done here.

Breno – Exato, she represents bem or spirit who fears that it will end in war, I know how to fight for shounen hahaha. But is this something more?

Sirlene – Particularly? I wanted to comment on something that you have previously discussed, Kawhara breeds coisas legais no more unwrap them directly, that death is beloved of the leader of two Orc, or Lil eo ódio e racial preconceito could be melhor trabalhados, more só just played, perceive that there is clear ressentimento das parts and um preconceito com as raças com appeaência feral, an apparent attitude of consider-the barely monsters, do you agree?

Tem author who loses an opportunity … there is always a lack of development !!!!

Breno – É uma questão introduced and wasted, já virou normal we will not be wasted here.

I gave a list of what was raised and wasted to the work, more people and councils such as “we are not different assim” or that stands out. The personagens raised only are legais, but there is a lack of history, there is a lack of care with certain subjects and mainly for discernment for the director.

Breno– Missing muita coisa, right?

Sirlene – I know that this is the same, for example, I don't know how to go wild, Sejam or Eldrie that was male.

Breno – This is it, we date the fofocas of Underoworld do mês, hydratem, Latin for or Eldrie, and I tied next. xD

PS: Excuse me or delay, but we decided to accumulate some episodes, we have If you have a serious problem, first of all, consider reviewing 4 episodes.


Kawhara, how did Kirito get tied with the match?

Someone explains to me how ele sendo um cavaleiro ele lembra disso XD

Uncle, does he give fencing to op? eu tenho fé em ti ainda

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