Stars Align Episode 8


Is there any even worse feeling than recognizing that you do not fit with what you’re “supposed” to be? Maybe, however in intermediate school, it’s sort of tough to imagine it. That’s the general style of this week’s episode of Stars Align, as well as while it may really feel theatrical for some viewers, for others it’s going to really feel all also familiar. The emphasize of this is most likely Maki and also Yu’s heart-to-heart when the soft tennis group decides that to extent out their opponents in the upcoming event, they need to send out women to spy– as well as because they only have the semi-reluctant Mitsue, that implies that 2 of the boys will certainly require to go across outfit to do it. Yu’s understood from the start that Maki does not care that they such as, so when Maki acts amazed that Yu understands how to do make-up, that becomes the opening gambit in a discussion regarding gender and identity. Yu confesses (and it does feel like an admission or an admission) to being non-binary, feeling neither fully “child” or “lady,” although they don’t appear totally specific that that’s the most effective fit just yet.

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