Taeko no Nichijō Anime Offering Appearance via Twitter Project


posted on 2019-11-2618: 45 EST by Lynzee Loveridge.

The workplace comedy anime Taeko no Nichijō( Taeko’s Everyday Life) is seeking new skill through social media. Followers of the program need not trouble with a return to or a trial reel– all you have to do is follow the official Twitter account and retweet the post outlining exactly how to use.

TVアニメ 耐え子の日常 に出演したい方を募集します!!

・ あなたをキャラデザイン & アニメ化します( あなたが考えたキャラクターでもOK)
・ キャラの声は人気声優の愛美さんが演じます
・ 応募資格はフォロー & リツイート
・ 抽選で1名様( ※ 完全ランダム)
・ 期限は12 月2日23 時まで pic.twitter.com/fdT6SsnAQ0

— 耐え子の日常 @TV アニメ放送中! (@OLtaeko) November 25, 2019

The personality will certainly be a pal of Taeko that is articulated by Aimi Aimi was already introduced as voicing Taeko’s buddy Asami.

Sorosoro Tanigawa‘s Taeko no Nichijō manga fixate the titular Taeko Shinbō, an office worker that endures everything as well as greets whatever that comes her means with joy. The tv short anime premiered on October 5. Tanigawa is guiding the anime. ABC TV and also DLE are credited for production.

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