The Karuta Anime Industry Is Getting Support by Chihayafuru Developer


Karuta anime is getting ther backing it deserves!

Yuki Suetsugu, the developer for the manga Chihayafuru, established on Tuesday that she is compiling a fund to support the affordable karuta market. A site with info concerning the objective of the fund and also exactly how to give away was released on Tuesday. Suetsugu additionally published a manga on Comici’s on-line site detailing her intentions for the developing the fund.

In the manga, Suetsugu reviews just how the story of Chihayafuru is slowing to an end. Throughout the course of the manga, the people in the real-life world of competitive karuta have aided and also cooperated with her, and also she feels a wonderful financial obligation in the direction of them. However, although karuta has actually come to be more popular over the last few years, several organizations lack the funds and also workforce in order to pay affordable gamers well or train aspiring gamers. Suetsugu, that really feels that manga is her only skill, determined to use her platform to aid raise funds for the betterment of the industry.

The fund’s committee is organizing a karuta fulfill on February 23 called the “The First Chihayafuru Ogurayama Mug.” 8 top-class karuta athletes will contend at this fundraising occasion.

Suetsugu released the manga in Kodansha’s Be-Love publication in December 2007. The series has actually motivated numerous anime adaptations and live-action movies. Chihayafuru 3, the third Chihayafuru anime season, premiered on October 22.

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