Toei Computer Animation Discloses Healin’ Excellent Precure TV Anime for 2020


Toei Animation disclosed on Friday that its 17 th Precure television anime series will certainly be entitled Healin’ Good Precure The anime will premiere in spring2020 The recap for the anime on the program’s official site checks out, “The partners are animals !? The healing pets sign up with pressures and also give treatment to our essential Planet. The toughest recovery Precures arrive!!”.

The anime will certainly change the currently airing Star ☆ Twinkle Precure, which premiered on February 3. Hiroaki Miyamoto( One Item Movie Gold) is directing Star ☆ Twinkle Precure and also Isao Murayama( Maho Girls Precure!) is arranging the series. Akira Takahashi( Suite Precure, Dokidoki! Precure) is designing the characters. Series normal Ryuutarou Masuda is taking care of the art layout in addition to Riho Iida. Yuki Hayashi( Hugtto! Precure, My Hero Academic Community) and Asami Tachibana( Haikyu!!, DARLING in the FRANXX) are making up the music.

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