Type-Moon Gallery Will Recreate Kinoko Nasu’s Workspace


Museum commemorating Fate/stay night‘s 15 th wedding anniversary will range from December 20 to April 5

The upcoming Type-Moon Museum shared information regarding the materials of the display on Friday. According to the gallery’s web site, the location will certainly have an area recreating Fate/stay night creator Kinoko Nasu‘s workspace, as well as a 13- meter map estimate revealing the totality of Fuyuki City, the fictional Japanese city portrayed in Fate/stay night

The “ Type-Moon Gallery: Looking Up 15 Years of Type-Moon” display will certainly be arranged into 7 locations:.

  1. ” The Face of Type-Moon” The area recreates Kinoko Nasu‘s work space, in addition to the office and also workdesk spaces at Type-Moon
  2. “ Type-Moon‘s history, as revealed via manufacturing products.” A display of production art and products covering not just all of Type-Moon‘s works, however additionally from occasions and limited-time products.
  3. ” How to Make Fate/stay night” A breakdown of the characters, video clips, soundtrack, and instructions.
  4. A gallery of illustrations from Type-Moon functions.

  5. “ Type-Moon and also Our Age.” A display of jobs originated from Fate/stay night‘s setup.

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